The Benefits of Natural Sausage Casings

After you have finished grinding your meat, and adding your perfect blend of seasonings, its time to choose what you're going to stuff your work of art into. Once you put all that work into your homemade sausage would you want to put it in plastic? If you ask me natural casing are the only way to go. There is nothing quite like the "snap" when you bite into a freshly made homemade sausage with a natural casing.

  • Superior taste resulting from the mixing of flavours through the casing during cooking

  • The good health and peace of mind that comes from eating food made from natural ingredients

  • Flavour as you intended, natural casings do not introduce conflicting flavours into your homemade sausage

  • Your homemade Sausage stays juicy and tender for longer

    1. I couldn't agree more with this post!

      Natural casings are unequalled in taste, tenderness and texture.

      They are rich in collagen and have a tenderness and pliability no man-made casing has come close to imitating.

      But best of all, they are easiest to use.

      Check out, for sausage making tips, receipes, natural casings and accessories. Sausage making has never been easier!

    2. Looking forward to making our first sausages this summer (scheduled to process our first batch of turkeys for the year in mid-August). I was leaning toward natural casings but your blog has made that decision definite for me. Looking forward to reading more recipes!